SOS Santé Grace

We are a non-profit association with the aim of supporting the fight against cancer. The association was founded in 2016, it is located at 83 street, l'Amiral Mouchez 75013, Paris.

Our support focus is on people in social vulnerability, without age, race or sex discrimination, because for us, health is for everyone.


Our story

It all started when the daughter of the founder of SOS Santé Grace lost her father to cancer. He was diagnosed and chose not to tell his daughter for fear of the reaction she might have.

Her Father loved her so much, they shared so many moments together that when she received the news of his death, it was totally devastating for her. He suffered a lot from the irreversible loss, being the most important person in his life.

She was shaken for a long time, a situation that ended up affecting her mother even more, for the loss of her husband and the situation in which her daughter found herself.

As they regained their emotional balance, the mother had the brilliant idea of creating the SOS Santé Grace Association in order to help the most disadvantaged with cancer treatment, thus minimizing the suffering of many families.


How do we help?

The Association has a group of assistants who establish links between the donor and our cause, regarding cancer screening treatment, which allows early diagnosis of certain cancers, drug, psychosocial help and guidance on the disease and your health rights.


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